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Basic Architectural
Presentation Board in Photoshop.

Having a good Presentation Board for our Architectural Project works  helps us convey our design ideas well, while providing the necessary information and diagrams. Presentation Boards should compliment our design works rather than over or under-shadowing them. A good first impression is a must.

Architectural Presentation Board is extremely important. From the projects presented during university , competitions or even during professional works. It is a must for architecture student  to know how to achieve great results with their limited time smartly so that they can focus on other university deadlines. We all can definitely relate to the Architorture life!  However, making a Presentation Board may seem like a confusing task from not knowing where to start due to many different components in the board. This may be confusing especially for Pre-uni students, or students who are not exposed to the skills yet.

This course will guide you step-by-step from scratch on how to use Photoshop in creating amazing diagrams & rendering visualizations together despite being for Basics! 

RAS306 P1B Board 1 - Vanessa Tioruddin.jpg

Learn the Basics of making a Presentation Board for your Architectural Studies .

A sample work for a Final Year Project after learning the basics and further developing them.

This course is perfect for both foundation and current Architecture Students if you would like to improve your Architectural Presentation Board diagrams with no clue where to start.

Join me in this step-by-step class where I explain the details and steps!


check this out.

From touching up Renderings


Creating  Diagrams

Massing Diagram.jpg

Transforming architectural drawings


And so much more

Screen Shot 2021-09-18 at 23.43.45.png
Screen Shot 2021-09-18 at 23.44.05.png
Screen Shot 2021-09-18 at 23.51.25.png

We got you covered!

From Floorplans, Elevations, Exploded Diagrams, Masterplan & Site Plan and Site Analysis Diagrams, we got you covered! 

The course videos will give you a step-by-step guide on how to create each of these diagrams of these boards, where you can follow along with the Materials provided upon purchase!


Gain unlimited access to all course videos to study at your own pace.

Click here to download the Course Outline 

Go at your own pace.

The course videos do not just simply teaches you a step-by-step method in Photoshop, but it includes brief study cases and introductions to get an understanding of the importance and purpose of each day's work.

—Pngtree—file download icon_4719240.png

If you do not have any Architectural Project Drawings required to try-out while watching the course, course materials are provided.  As well as the raw psd file for each boards.


Gain a full lifetime access to course videos and study at your own pace! It's important to value each process and progress based on your own capabilities. That's how you learn effectively!



Bahasa Indonesia (main) narration with a mix of English.

Frequently Asked Questions. 

1. Can I use a lower/higher version of Photoshop?
Yes. However, Photoshop 2020 or higher is recommended.

2.Do I need Lightroom for the course?
Not neccecarily! You will only need it for Day 01 in colour correcting your Renderings. Feel free to use any other color-grading software. 

3. What software is required for the course?

- Photoshop 2020 (Main)
- Lightroom 

4. Can I still join the course if I do not have any personal Architectural Projects done before?

Yes! We provide you with the course materials that you will use while following the course.

5. Do you happen to provide/sell extra Photoshop materials like Brush/Color Grade presets?

Sourced and Downloaded brush presets used in the course  are provided in the course materials so don't worry! We have helped you gather the available brushes we were able to find (Credits to the respective creators). 

**we do not sell these presets and materials sourced for the course as they were not made for commercial purposes. 


Are you ready to rock n roll?

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