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You're not losing if you keep going

Vanessa holds a degree in Architecture from the University of Science Malaysia (USM) and fought her way in finally achieving a distinction score through the years. The process itself took a lot of courage to step out of the comfort zone, and the constant reminder of how small progresses are still a step forward.  She finds the term "Architorture" a relatable phenomenon after being exposed to the competitive architectural studio life at her University. And just like any other Architecture Student, she have experienced the feeling of being "Lost" on her initial years and learned her way up to survive as an Architecture Student. 

She hopes that by reflecting on her "battle" as an Architecture Student and having exposed to the standard and Studio submission work requirements, her courses will be able to assist future Architecture Students in accomplishing or gain an insight into what to expect later in university, as well as for current Architecture students who may be struggling with their work and never had a proper Basic guidance.